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Weekday Summer Savings!


Ground Chuck and Sirloin $5.49\lb.

Buy 5 pounds Chuck and Sirloin $5.19\lb.

American Cheese $5.99\lb.


Boneless Amish Chicken Breast $6.49\lb.

Boneless Pork Chops $5.19\lb.

Amish Heritage Turkey $8.99\lb.


Fresh Cut Beef Filet $16.99\lb.

Pork Tenderloin $5.99\lb.


Bone-In Pork Chops $4.99\lb.

Pork BarbeQue $6.99\lb.

Mayo or Mustard Potato Salad $3.99\lb.


For each Strip, Ribeye, or Filet purchased receive half off twice baked potatoes.

Saturday and Sunday

Rotating Sales!

Spend $25 dollars! we say thank you! Do this 5 times (or spend $125 in one visit) and get $10 off your next order!

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